Holistic behavioral recovery through Dr. Brad

Nelson's The Emotion Code. Using your

own body's subconscious energy,

together we will find the obstacles

that are preventing you from let-

ting go of your mental health 

issues and release them.

  • Impulse Control Disorders
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Gambling
  • Love
  • Exercise
  • Work

Addictions we treat

Have you been told that your pain can't be fixed, and that you have to live with it the rest of your life? Feeling pain is your body's response to a physical ailment and can be treated...

Chronic Pain

Your body is a huge integrated system of energy. Every muscle, tendon, gland, bone, organ, etc. can house trapped emotions or energy. We can find...


"Our five year old son is a great kid, but over the last few years he would randomly start being really angry. Sometimes even growling at people that made him mad.   It seemed he wasn't able to express himself any other way.  He wouldn't tell me what was wrong he would just either growl, cry or go sit alone.  
We were so lucky to have Mike come over to work on him energetically.  Our son wasn't even in the same room as Mike but was downstairs playing with our older son.  He did know Mike was here, though.  When Mike left he was disappointed.  He wanted to play with Mike he said!  He talked about Mike for weeks after that.  He LOVES Mike now and he doesn't even know why.  I think he just felt Mike was there to help him.  Our son is like a different kid!  He is happy, talkative and expresses himself so much better.  Grandparents and friends have even noticed this positive change in him!"  

 -Cassie J.

"Isaac's Story"

Removing Heart Walls


The Internet, Pornography, Lying, Stealing, Setting Fires, Video Games, Money, Books, Fame, Power, Television, Rage, Body Image, Adrenaline, etc.